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  We believe that for architecture to remain relevant and meaningful as the current millennium unfolds it must be “multidynamic”. Multidynamic architecture is current and aware, active and innovative, as well as thoughtful and spirited. Ultimately our goal is to design buildings and interior spaces that delight, improve the built environment, and enhance the quality of life within our communities.

  Our key design objectives are to create functional, accessible and durable built environments. Energy conservation and sustainable design are also objectives of the studio. Architecture and building science and technology are intricately linked. Buildings constructed in northern environments must adhere to a comprehensive set of building science performance standards. Our design solutions respect client budget and schedule parameters. Our approach to design is inclusivist and relies heavily on our clients input and involvement.


 B.A., M. Arch., OAA

B. Tech., B. Arch. (Hons), OAA, LEED AP


B.Arch.S. (Hons),

M. Arch., LEED AP



Since 1983, the award winning firm of G. Bruce Stratton Architects has successfully assisted numerous clients throughout Ontario and Western Canada in responding to changing facility needs by designing thoughtful and spirited projects. Listening and responding to client needs and aspirations, including great sensitivity to budgetary and scheduling constraints have always been a high priority for commissions undertaken by the firm. 



G. Bruce Stratton Architects has built a reputation for creating works of architecture characterized by dynamic and innovative spatial and organizational qualities, coupled with an understanding and appreciation of the role of light, fine materials, colour and meticulous detailing. The firm also advocates architecture which is harmonious with the natural environment and promotes healthy and sustainable building practices and materials.



Interior Design

Accessibility Studies

Building Science and Technology Reports 

Costing Analysis 

Feasibility Studies

Furniture and Product Design

Graphic Design



Specialty Lighting 

Theatrical Stage Design 



B.Arch.S., M. Arch., OAA

B.A. Arch.


"Scaevola pericula iracundia ne vim, ut vel tempor diceret, vis graece vocibus id."

- Bruce Stratton

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