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In Situ


Designer Mirko Zupancic


    Originally designed as a custom fixture for GBSA's award-winning Mount Dennis Library, the Tallo is now available to you!


    Derived from the Spanish word for "stem", the Tallo's design manifested from a need for a long, linear glow in the narrow entrance space of the library. The lights are mounted back-to-back on slender, locally-sourced Ash veneer bases that seem to slide past one another, providing an asymmetrical vertical strip of light.


    Elegant in both its simplicity and its materials, The Tallo was recently featured at the IIDEX Woodshop for its innovative use of local Ash - a resource that is rapidly being depleted due to beetle infestation. Locally designed, sourced, and crafted, use the Tallo in your space to bring a piece of the city inside!


    The Tallo is a 2645mm long pendant light, making it a versatile lighting feature for rooms or hallways with high ceiling heights. The light implements 2 exposed T5 fluorescent lights, making bulb replacement easy both in acquisition and installation. Additionally, the fixture bases can be custom painted to bring a subtle splash of colour into your space. Special order for alternative wood finishes.

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