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Ministry of Labour - Newmarket Relocation


Ministry of Labour,

Infrastructure Ontario, MHPM



Newmarket, Ontario






Completed 2013




The Ministry of labour's 10,000 sq.ft corporate office space located in Newmarket, Ontario was designed to allow for a collaborate work environment comprised of open workstations positioned at the perimeter of the suite with private offices and meeting spaces situated at the core.


This approach maximized natural light exposure and allowed for various departments to be grouped accordingly for optimal communication among team members. MOL's increased security requirements between public and private areas were addressed with visual and audible alarm systems, automatic push buttons and card readers. A sophisticated room divider system was installed to allow three separate meeting spaces to open into one collaborative hub for group discussions and presentations. All meeting spaces were equipped with voice, power and data capabilities with floor monuments located directly below meeting tables to facilitate connectivity at work surface height. Finishes were thoughtfully considered for sustainable, high-use office interior use and warm in tone to reflect a calming colour palette consistent with the client's expectation.

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