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Ministry of Education,

Infrastructure Ontario, MHPM



Toronto, Ontario






Completed 2013






Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education is responsible for Ontario government policy, funding, curriculum planning and direction in all levels of public education, including elementary and secondary schools. It is also responsible for public and separate school boards across the province, but are not involved in the day to day operations.


GBSA completed all design and contract administration services for 22,000 sf of leasehold office improvements over two floors in the Mowat Block tower in downtown Toronto for the Ministry of Education. The work was completed in two phases. Demolition of existing leaseholds, new drywall partitions, ceiling, doors and frames, carpet, and painting were included in the scope of work.


Modifications were also made to HVAC, sprinklers, electrical, and communications. The 13th floor was fit-out under a Type II asbestos condition. This scope included the erection of a Type II enclosure and extensive base building coordination. High density filing was required on both floors which required the services of a standalone engineer to verify floor load capacity.


During construction various conditions arose such as the service elevator breaking down for a week and power outages. Despite these issues construction was completed according to the agreed upon schedule.

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